Unite, You Fans of the .50 Bins

I have wasted a lot of money in my life. I mean, like, I do not think you can grasp the number. It will blow your mind.

Just kidding, if you live in America you probably toss your money at garbage all the time! #freedom

We all have something that makes us happy to buy. I, for one, hate buying almost anything. I will buy clothing every other year, maybe, and my wardrobe is generally packed with the garments handed over to me by my wonderful (and, luckily, fashionable) friends. So, outside of food and all that boring necessary stuff like paying bills, I only really spend my money on comic books. Ridiculous comic books.

I typically shun the Batman and Superman and Avengers titles. Pssh. Who cares, am I right?  While I totally get down with all X titles, and I love me some Saga, most of the comics that I have eaten up over the years have been less… popular. They have been the stories that punch the imagination in the balls, grab it by the face, point it at the page and say “hey, look at this nonsense!”

A fan of a non-human character? So am I! Some of my favorite characters are the ones that are too ridiculous to take seriously. Chaselon, the crystalline Green Lantern. Tellus of The Legion of Superheroes. Kitty Pryde’s dragon BFF Lockheed (dude has a DRINKING problem! what?!). I also like plenty of human characters, but I always root for the Quislets and Widgets and Ch’ps a little louder than the rest. I figured, after a lifetime of following these characters, I should do something with all of these stories and characters (and non-characters) who have taken up residence in my mind.

I have no clue what this blog is going to be. I’m bad with blogs. BUT, those blogs are usually about me and I am not always good at writing about me.

I can, however, talk about comic books for the rest of my life. And I rarely have the chance to do so because I sometimes keep my nerdom under wraps (only sometimes). I think I’m going to pull out my long boxes, rummage through for some gems, and start digging into the madness that I enjoy oh-so-much.

Reviews on titles that haven’t been published in decades? You bet! Spotlights on the most absurd characters to grace the page? Um, yeah! Desperately hoping someone is going to read this? Of course!

So, strap on your… uh, strap-ons, and get ready to take a journey into a world of yellowing pages, continuity clusterfucks, heartwarming moments and rock ’em-sock ’em battles.


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