I and Me and Myself

‘sup, internet?

Perhaps that was too informal.

What is up, Good People of the Interweb?

Too formal for my tastes but, hey, I’m a pleaser. This is for you.

The name is Joe. Joe Palinsky for long. Joseph Palinsky for longer.

Primarily, I am a writer, and that is what I get paid to do. I do not get paid to write this blog, this is more of a passion project. I write a lot of boring stuff, but I also write poetry and fiction and theatrical text, because words are awesome and we should play with them forever.

I am a guy who really loves comic books and always has. I have my reasons, and I probably will share those reasons as time goes by on this blog.

When it comes to people, I love ’em. I mean, people are the absolute worst, but we are all members of the same stupid human race so we have to love each other or else terrible stuff happens.

And since a lot shitty things happen in the world, I figured this blog could be a place of beautiful equality for all. Whether you are black, white, trans, cis, gay, straight, asexual, pansexual, hypersexual, tall, short, old, young, stupid, smart, able-bodied or any other class of person (even mages of the dark arts and bards), you are welcome here with me and my words of nonsense.

So let’s all indulge in absurdity together, okay? Because the world can suck, but we are all amazing, and sometimes we need to be distracted by colorful and imagination-stirring stories that have no logical sense. Am I right?